Shadow Warrior MAP page

Here are all of the single player MAPs I've made for Shadow Warrior:

(Click on a screen shot if you'd like to see a larger 800 X 600 pixel image of it.)


Skool.MAP (114 KB)

This is my first MAP. It is based loosely on my old high school.


Undead.MAP (102 KB)

This one's fairly large and it has a little of everything. This MAP is a favourite of mine.


SeaWinds.MAP (108 KB)

My most recent MAP. Starts off in a building near the ocean, play it to see where it goes from there.


Asylum.MAP (59.4 KB)

Don't expect a regular style of MAP here. This I made to test out different effects and unusual MAP designs.



Nuthouse.MAP (103KB)

Here's another big, wacky MAP. Download it if you are looking for something very different.



I received an E-mail from a fellow named Eric Lauzier and he sent me a few of his MAPs. They are pretty damn cool, check them out.

Eric's MAPs:



This Map starts off at a train station, then, proceeds to an old library. Lots of detail in this MAP, definitely worth downloading.



Orongo is a medium-small level. You start off in a city and eventually find an ancient civilization near a big waterfall.



As you can guess from the name, this MAP is set in a sewer. It also has a skateboard park and a demolition site. Cool! There were a few bugs in this MAP when it was E-mailed to me, but I fixed them and this MAP now runs correctly. (I hope you don't mind Eric.)


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